Hello, captain! Welcome to the HI3rd Conception Wiki!


Hello and welcome, fellow captains! Welcome to the HI3rd Conception wiki, where you can share all of your ideas about the 3D-styled action game, Honkai Impact 3rd by the Chinese developer company, miHoYo. This fandom is collaborative community website that everyone can build and expand, so we depend on you fellow captains to help this wiki grow by getting involved and adding new content; whether be it a new character, a place, a new battlesuit, a weapon, an ELF, or a new enemy, anyone is free to contribute, player or non-player.

If you need anything that requires help, please contact a Staff Member or read the Wikia Guidelines.


Before contributing to the wiki, please make sure you have signed up or logged in. Also, please read the Rules and Regulation sub-article under the Wikia Guidelines page in order to read the rules of the wiki, which also includes the corresponding violations and punishment.

If you are wondering if there is any fixed style of editing, the answer is a complete no. Captains don't need to have their pages the most beautiful page other people have seen, as long as it meets the wikia's standards. For old contributors, the admins can promote them to Critics or low-ranking Staff Members, which have the ability of judging and rating conceptions according to their quality and detail. Wikia Standards and Rating are explained in-depth in the Conception Standards and Rating page.

Since the series is focused on action-styled gameplay in the current game Honkai Impact 3rd, here are the following categories you can contribute here in this wiki:

If you're also planning to add Guns Girl - School Day Z or Honkai Gakuen 2 content, then feel free to do it! This wikia also acknowledges and supports GGZ ideas.Here are the categories for the GGZ content:



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